Zoom integration

This article will explain Learn Amp's integration with Zoom, and how you can make the most out of it.


- Our integration with Zoom is used in the Events feature.

- You will be able to set a Zoom meeting room as the location for an event. 



- If you select to host the session by Zoom link, the event should say LAUNCH up to an hour before. 

Turning the Zoom session into an Item on Learn Amp

- The Zoom host will have the option to record the session to the Cloud, or to save it to their own computer.

- If you select 'save to Cloud', a version of the video call will be saved in Zoom (instead of directly to the host's computer - where it would not be accessible to Learn Amp and therefore could not be put into the Learn Amp system).

- Learn Amp can then pull the video from Zoom and place it into the Learn Amp system.

- The host will get a notification saying that their Zoom event recording is available

- Learn Amp will then put the Zoom video recording into Item form.


In summary: If you are the host, please select to save the video call to Cloud instead of to your own computer.


Listing multiple Zoom hosts:

- You are able to have multiple Zoom hosts listed.

- You can have a list of multiple people by linking their accounts within Zoom.

To find out more about linking multiple Zoom accounts, please read the following article: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/202480323-How-To-Link-Accounts-


What happens if there are two events at the same time and you try to select the same host?

- If there are two events at the same time and you try to select the same host for both, an error message will appear saying that there is a conflict.

- Therefore we recommend that you pick a different host for one of the events.