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Your profile: editing your details

Learn how to customise your profile.

This article will explain the features of your profile and how to change them.

How do I edit my details?

1. Go onto your profile.


2. Click 'Edit details' underneath the three pips to the right hand side of your icon.


Email addresses:

- Email addresses are particularly important in the Learn Amp system because they act as your unique identifier. 

- No two people can be registered to Learn Amp with the same email address.

- You can only have one Learn Amp account per email, so if for some reason you need two different accounts, you will need to different emails.


- The timezone that you select here will be the one used for you across the whole system.

- This will affect anything and anywhere that is timed: e.g. events, reporting, deadlines.

- We try to remind the user what timezone they have set in order to avoid confusion. 

- See the examples below, taken from the 'Creating an event' section:


- The 'primary language' will be the language that the system appears in, by default.


If you are an admin and you want to edit the details of individuals, including giving permissions to certain users, please read the following article: