When editing a 1-to-1 can I add a team?

Find out about adding a team to 1-to-1 recipients.

This article will be helpful if... you've already created a 1-to-1 template and cycle, and you now want to add a team as recipients of this 1-to-1. 

What you need to know:

  • You can safely add a team to a 1-to-1 cycle without re-issuing any new 1-to-1s until the next occurrence of the cycle. 

The system would only issue new 1-to-1s once you've added the team in if:

  • 'Issue immediately' is set
  • OR The 'set date' is not today's date


Issuing the 1-to-1 to the team 

When you are come to the issuing step...

If the 'Set date' is either:

  • In the past (because the cycle is up and running) 
  • OR In the future (because the set date hasn't been reached yet for a new cycle)

... then you can add teams on the 'recipients' step and save. 

New 1-to-1s will then be issued on the next occurrence of the cycle (but not before).