What is an 'Action' and how do I create one?

Learn about creating an 'Action' in the system.

What is an Action? 

In the platform, we already have Items and Exercises.

A newer feature is that we now facilitate Actions too. An Action is typically an offline activity that must be completed by an individual. You'll now be able to track these in Learn Amp too.


Some examples might be:

  • Attend an industry event
  • Have a coffee with your mentor
  • Give a company-wide presentation
  • Meet our CEO for face-to-face chat


How do I create an Action? 

Step 1: + icon in the top navigation bar > Item > Action



Step 2: Fill in the 'Action' form


Step 3: View the Action in the Library

Once you've saved your Action, you will then be able to view it in the Library.




Who can create an Action?

  • By default, all admins and owners will be able to create an Action.
  • Curators will also be able to create an Action.
  • If your company has toggled on Learners self-adding content, then Learners will also be able to add an Action. But this is dependent on whether your company has enabled this feature or not. 


We hope this helps! Please do get in touch with any further questions and we'd be happy to help.