What happens when a user is deactivated?

Occasionally you need to deactivate a user if they are taking an extended break from the business

What happens when a user is deactivated?

  • The user is removed from all 'Teams'
  • All 'Tasks' that have been set for this user are deleted
  • All 'Event Enrolments' for this user are deleted
  • All 'Objectives' owned by this user are deleted
  • All 'Key Results' associated to objectives owned by this user are deleted
  • If the user is the 'Manager' of any 'Teams' or 'Groups', then the Owner of the account is set as the manager of these teams as a temporary measure, so that teams are not orphaned without a manager.
  • Any users managed (via override manager) by this user, are transferred to being managed by the Owner user of the account.
  • If the user is a 'Coach', the people they coached no longer have a coach.
  • If the user is set as an editor for any content (granted 'Permissions'), this is removed.
  • An ‘Audit Log’ entry is created, to show who deactivated the user.
  • All 'Purchase Requests' (budgeting feature) are deleted for this user

    The following data is kept in the system even when the user is deactivated:

    • The user’s profile is still accessible by admins.
    • Survey responses are kept when a user is deactivated, incase their survey answers are still needed by the company.
    • All 'Activity Data' for the user is kept (data that would be visible in the activity log)
    • All 'Notes' on the user’s profile are kept
    • All 'Notes' made by the user are kept
    • All 'Documents' on the users’ profile are kept
    • 'Locations', 'Specialisms', 'Teams', 'Languages' etc are all kept.
    • 'Q & A' questions/answers are all kept
    • '1-to-1s' are all kept.
    • 'Exercise' submissions and scoring is all kept
    • 'Quiz' attempts are all kept.
    • 'Likes' and 'Shares' are kept

      What happens if the deactivated user tries to log in?

      A deactivated user can no longer log into Learn Amp. If they try, they will receive an alert message saying ‘Your account has been deactivated. If you believe this is in error please contact us’

      What happens when a user is re-activated?

      • The user can now log in.
      • All their associated data described in the kept section above, is all visible again. 
      • They appear in searches again
      • The user will receive notifications and emails again

      What other options do I have?

      • Set the user to 'Taking a break': The user will not receive emails but all other data will remain the same (tasks, events etc.)
      • Delete the user: The user will be removed from the account, preventing their login. All data associated to that user will be deleted.