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What does the Personal Development Pathway Include?

The Personal Development Pathway stores individual tasks related to the learning journey of Users.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 15.50.12

The Personal Development Pathway sits at the top of each User's homepage. Any item that is time based or with a Task to complete will appear here.

This could include a forthcoming 1-to-1, an Event they have enrolled for or a stand alone item or assessment that has been set as a Task for them to complete.

Each item will have the due date displayed in the bottom right hand corner. If a Task has become over due, this will go from black to red.

The Tasks will prioritised in order of date. There are two types of Tasks in Learn Amp, Task and Mandatory Task. A Mandatory Task will always appear first in the Personal Development Pathway.

Once tasks are completed, they will no longer appear in the Personal Development Pathway.