What can 'Curators' do?

Find out all about the role of 'Curator', and what permissions they have.


Curators have similar permissions to a Learner in terms of viewing. The main difference is that they can add content and assessments. 


They can:

  • View, add, edit, and delete content and events
  • View their own tasks and add tasks for themselves 
  • View, add, edit, and delete assessments 
  • View reporting on their own activity
  • View and contribute to their own 1-to-1s
  • Add, view, and edit Objectives they set for themselves
  • View Teams and Groups that they’re a part of

They can’t:

  • Add, edit, or delete Tasks for other people
  • View, edit or delete reports (other than reports of their own activity only)
  • Add, edit, or delete 1-to-1s
  • Login as, add, edit or delete other users
  • Change the page design, settings, or integrations
  • Make, approve, or update budget requests


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