What can 'Admins' do?

Find out about the role of Admin and its permissions.


Admins have very advanced permissions, and can do almost anything on the site. 

Admins have full visibility over all content in the site, including: all learning content (items, Learnlists, etc), all reports and reporting, all 1-to-1 data, and all other parts of the platform. 

They can:

  • View, add, edit, and delete content
  • View, add, edit, and delete tasks
  • View, add, edit, and delete assessments
  • View, add, edit, and delete reports
  • View the Activity log, People log, Dashboard, and Saved Reports
  • View, contribute to, add, edit, and delete 1-to-1s
  • View, add, edit, and delete Objectives 
  • View, login as, add, edit, and delete Users (please note that this setting is *Optional* and can be toggled off) 
  • Change the page design, settings, and integrations
  • Make, approve, and update teams’ budget requests

They can’t:

  • Update overall Budget requests
  • [If you have toggled off Admins' ability to view/add/edit/delete users, then they will not be able to do these actions either.] 


If you would like to know more about the different roles and their permissions (Learner, Admin, etc…) then please click here to read the full list.