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What are Assigned Pathways and Channels for you on the homepage?

The homepage has the ability to be divided into two sections Assigned Pathways and Channels for you, this divides the way content is presented to Learners.

In the Assigned Pathways Section which is at the top of the homepage, Learners are presented with their Personal Development Pathway and beneath that, Channels which have been set as tasks for them to complete. We have visually distinguished this with a white background. This section will only appear if you are setting Tasks for people to complete.

Assigned Pathways

In the section titled Channels for You, Channels of content can be made visible to Individuals, Teams, Groups or the whole Organisation without having a Task attached to them. This can be used for sharing company updates or subjects related to particular roles.

If a single Item is shared with a Learner, this will appear in a Channel titled Shared with You at the top of this section. If there are no individual Items shared, this channel will not appear.

Shared Items can be dismissed from this Channel by clicking on the three pips in the top right hand corner of the Item. The Channels for You section is also visually distinguished with this grey background.

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