Using Tags on Channels

You can now add Tags to Channels.

This article will cover:

  • How to add Tags to Channels
  • How to filter Channels by Tags

What is the purpose of adding Tags to Channels? 

The purpose of adding Tags to Channels is so that you can filter by them and they'll be easier to find later on. On the Manage Channels page you can filter by Tag.

How do I add Tags to Channels? 

You can add Tags to both new and pre-existing Channels. 

New Channel: 

If creating a new Channel, you will see the option to add Tags


Adding Tags to an existing Channel: 

If you wish to add Tags an existing Channel, simply edit it and you'll be able to add them in:


How do I filter Channels by Tag? 

Step 1: Go to Manage Channels in the top navigation bar. 


Step 2: Under 'Filters', select Tag 


Step 3: You will then be able to filter by Tag 


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