Timers on Quizzes

Learn about timers on quizzes.

If you are creating or editing a quiz, you will see that there is the option to make the quiz timed. 

This article will explain all about timers on quizzes.

Setting a timer on a quiz:

- To make a quiz timed, simply check the box when you are asked "Is this quiz timed?" 

- You will then be able to enter the amount of time that you want the quiz to be (as in the image above). 


How will the user know that the quiz is timed?

- Before the user starts the quiz, they will see a page informing them they are about to begin a timed quiz (see image below).

- Throughout the quiz, there will be a small timer at the top of the page, so that they can keep track of the time.


What happens if a user runs out of time before they manage to complete the quiz? 

- If a user runs out of time, their score will be automatically submitted.


Reporting on timed quizzes 

- We now report in the reporting section exactly how long each user took on the quiz.

- However, please note that this feature was only introduced recently (13th September 2019), and so will only apply to quizzes completed after this date.