How can I submit an item to the public Learn Amp library so that it's visible to all users?

Learn here what it means to submit an item to Learn Amp Library.

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When you add a new item, you will be asked if you want to submit this item to the Learn Amp Library. What does this mean?

- If you select to submit the item to Learn Amp Library, the item will be reviewed.

- If accepted, it will then be made visible and available to all users of Learn Amp

- Any items that have been approved for the library can only be edited or deleted by the Learn Amp team. 


Why might I want to submit an item to Learn Amp Library?

- Perhaps you have found an article or video that you think might be beneficial to others.

- You might enjoy submitting a particularly useful article to the wider community.

What if my item contains private or sensitive information?

- Therefore, if the item contains private or sensitive information that should only be viewed by people within your company, we recommend that you do not choose to submit it to Learn Amp Library.


What happens if you do not select to submit it to Learn Amp Library?

The item will not be made available or visible to Learn Amp users, and only to those people within your company to whom you have made it visible. 

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