Setting up the Okta integration

Set up new starters automatically (and sync existing users) via Okta. Keep all your data in sync.

Why set up the Okta integration?

  • Have new joiners set up automatically
  • Sync all existing users
  • Full name, Email, Team and Job title pulled in automatically 

How do I get access to the Okta integration

The Learn Amp team will need to enable the integration for you to access the details. Please contact us to get this set up for you. After this, the setup will be visible for admins and owners by clicking their profile image > Integrations > Okta 

Is there anything I need to be aware of before setting up?

Setting up teams and managers

Typically within Learn Amp the manager is set by the users 'Primary Team' (the teams manager, becomes their manager). However for this integration, the 'Primary Team' manager will be overridden with the individuals manager within Okta. This means that teams will not have a manager, so you may wish to set these up as a sensible default if the manager field is missing within Okta.

Managers can view team members details, objectives, 1-to-1s, set tasks for them etc.

(View our ideas on future improvements to the way teams and managers will be set up at the bottom of this article)

To set up your okta integration:

Note: All users must have a valid email address  in HiBob for the integration to work

  1. Sign in to your okta account:
  2. Click your account in right upper corner and click Your Org
  3. You should get redirected to okta admin dashboard 
  4. In the top navigation bar, click Settings tab and choose Features
  5. In the Features page make sure, that Event Hooks box is checked
  6. In the top navigation bar, click Applications tab
  7. Click Add Application
  8. Click Create New App
  9. Select Web as Platform
  10. Select OpenID Connect as Sign on method 
  11. Click Create
  12. Fill in the following form 
  13. Fill in Application Name
  14. As Login redirect URIs provide:
  15. Next to Login redirect URIs click Add URI and provide:
  16. Click Save Filled form
  17. Click Done
  18. If you get stuck, please refer to the Okta's documentation:
  19. On the bottom of the page, there is a Client Credentials panel
  20. Copy Client ID and Client Secret and paste then into corresponding fields above
  21. Click Sign On tab
  22. Find OpenID Connect ID Token panel
  23. Copy link next to issuer and paste the link in Issuer field above
  24. Make sure, your user is assigned to the app:
  25. Click Assignments tab
  26. From Assign dropdown and click Assign to Peoplebutton
  27. Click Assign next to your user name
  28. Click Done
  29. On the Okta site, in the top navigation bar, below Security tab click APIlink
  30. Click Create Token button
  31. Fill in the name field and click Create Token
  32. Copy the Token Value and paste it into the API Token field above
  33. Save the form
  34. Before continuing integration, please make Okta admin user is assigned to the Okta app, in Okta domain.
  35. Congratulations! The integration is finalised!

How do I make sure the users Sync?

Users are synced at least 24 hours, but will be 'immediately'* synced if...

  • They are invited to HiBob and match the criteria above (e.g. start date = today)
  • Sync users button is pressed 

Note Immediate means that the action will be immediately sent to the queue, sometimes at time of peak traffic there may be minor delays.


Future improvement to teams and managers

We will give an option on the integration on how the manager will be handled by the system

How should managers be handled?

  1. Set manager at an individual level: Directly match the data in Okta, by setting a manager on an individual using our 'Override manager' setting
  2. Set manager at a team level: When the first user is added to a team, take their manager as the manager of that team



Please let us know if you need any further help or have any suggestions for improvements to this article: