Why did my upload fail?

Possible reasons as to why your upload failed.

If you try to upload an item, you may occasionally run into a difficulty and find that your upload has failed

This article will suggest some possible reasons for this.

File types:

- We accept all the most common file types.

- However, for security reasons we block executable files.


File names:

- File names can cause an issue.

- Sometimes file names which include symbols such as '&' and '!' can cause the upload to fail.

- Please bear with us, as we are looking to fix this issue. 


Files that are very large:

- Sometimes, a file upload will time out because the file is too large or because the internet speed is too slow.

- If you have a slow internet connection or are uploading a very large file, please try to compress the file to see if this helps.

Problems with SCORM files:

- The most common issue with SCORM uploads is that the file is missing an X manifest file.

- We also recommend contacting the creator of the SCORM file in question, as there can sometimes be issues in the creation process as well.


For other issues:

- If your issues persist in spite of our suggestions, please get in touch at support@learnamp.com.

- We will do our best to find the root cause of the problem and solve any issues.