Reusable Image Library for Tile Images

Learn about our new 'Adding recent images' feature.

We're excited to announce that we have introduced a Reusable Image Library feature to the platform.

This means that you now have the option to Browse Recent Images when adding tile images to certain sections of the platform - instead of using the same default tile image every time.


How do I use this feature? 

  • Add or edit an Item (or Learnlist, Event, Quiz)
  • By Tile image, you will see the option to Browse recent images 
  • Select your chosen image
  • Save
  • Your image will then be seen as the Tile image for this piece of content





Where do these images come from? 

In the 'Recent images' modal, the user will see all images that have been uploaded by the company.


Where in the platform can this feature be found?

This feature can be found on the following forms, for the tile image

  • Items
  • Learnlists
  • Events
  • Quizzes