The Learner Profile - A Quick Guide

Why do we need a learner profile, what is on it and how do I find them?

We see the Learner profile as core to the learning experience. Not only is it a home for you to see everything that you have done and get insights on your own learning experience, it is a great way to learn from others.

Is there someone in your business who you admire? Search for their profile and see what they have been learning, what they rate and when they are most active. You can even reach out and message them to find out more.

What is on a learner profile?

We have tried to put as much information as possible into the Learner Profile, so that it is useful, whilst keeping the design deceptively simple. It includes:

  • Key info: Core info shows in a left hand panel at all times
    • Name and image
    • Job title
    • Learn Amp role
    • Social links
    • Status (e.g. confirmed, and confirmation date)
    • Manager
    • Teams
      • Primary team
      • Teams i'm part of 
      • Teams I manage
    • Groups
      • Groups i'm part of 
      • Groups I manage
    • Coaching (people who you are coaching)
    • Locations
    • Time Zone
    • Primary Language
  • Insights and more:
    • Total activity, e.g. completion of Items, Learnlists, Channels vs Assignment
    • Top content 
    • Highest rated content
    • When the user was active (over the last 30 days)
    • Most active day of the week (over the last 30 days)
    • Most active time of day (over the last 30 days)
    • Certificates
  • Tables / information: Pulls in info from all other areas of the site, in relation to the use you're looking at: Note: Only managers, coaches, HR, admins and owners can see this information
    • Tasks
    • Content log
    • Activity log
    • Quizzes
    • Exercises
    • Surveys
    • Objectives
    • 1-to-1s 
    • Events
    • Notes 

How do I find a learners profile?

By default we allow anyone to search for anyone and at very least see the Overview page (Key info & Insights and more, above). 

To find another learner you can....

  • Use the search at within the navigation to search for them
  • Find it via the Individuals table (if you have access)
  • Via various hyperlinks across tables etc (if you have access)