How do I invite multiple people into the system in one go? (Batch invite)

Learn how to invite multiple people into the Learn Amp system.

How can I invite people into the system?

There are two different ways:

1. You can invite a single user into the system, i.e. with a manual invite.

2. You can invite many users into the system, i.e. with a bulk importer.


This article will explain how to invite many users into the system.

For information on how to invite a single user into the system, please read this article:


Video guide:

How to add multiple people Apr 20



Written guide:

Inviting many users into the system (bulk importer)

Step 1: In the top navigation bar, select the + icon > Under 'People', select 'People'


Step 2: Select 'Many Users' (bulk importer)


Step 3: Download the CSV template





Step 4: Fill in the CSV template with the details of your employees


Please note that some fields are optional: such as job title, primary team, secondary team, role, language, and location.


Step 5: Save the CSV file


Step 6: Upload the CSV file back into the same page 

Step 6: Select 'Next, review data' which will take you onto the next page



Step 7: Make sure all the data is correct so that the data can 'map' correctly onto Learn Amp


Columns without matches:

- If any data comes up in this section then please go back into the CSV file and make sure that all the data has been entered correctly.


Step 8: Click 'Next, settings'


Step 9: Adjust the settings 



What do all the different settings mean?

New and old users 



Add new users, update existing users: 

- This means that any new users found in the CSV will be added.

- Any existing users who are already in the system, but now have new or changed details in the new CSV upload, will have their details changed. (e.g. If an existing user has moved from the London office to the Tokyo office, this information will be changed in the system.)


Add new users, update existing users, and deactivate all other users not included in this CSV

- This means that any new users will be added, users already existing in the system will have their details updated, but also that all other users who are in the system currently but not in the CSV file you have uploaded will be deleted.

We recommend that you use this setting with caution.


Add new users only

- This will only add any new users that have been found in the CSV file.



Do not send invites

- No invites will be sent at this time.

- You will be able to send them later.


Send invites immediately

- Invites will be sent out as soon as you complete this page.


Send invites at a specified time

- You can schedule the invites to be sent out at a certain time and date.


Common problems with the CSV upload: 

Please be aware of some of the issues that you may face with the CSV upload.

- Please make sure that all the details you are entering are correct. (e.g. Make sure that there are no typos in the email addresses.)

- When adding users' teams, please make sure that if you are adding them to the Marketing team for example, that in the CSV 'Marketing' also has a capital 'M' (not 'marketing'). 

- Please be aware that a user's primary team will dictate who their manager is