How is the 'More Like This' content generated?

Find out how the 'More like this' content is generated.

At the end of each item page, you may notice that there is a bar of content at the bottom titled 'More like this'. 


How is the 'More like this' content generated?

Depending on which item you're on, the 'More like this' content will vary. This is because this content is based on:

  • Matching keywords in the title - if an item is similarly named, then it is more likely to be recommended here.
  • Tags - if two items have been tagged with the same tag (e.g. Marketing, Analytics, Finance).


The items that are recommended will be both/either:

  • Company added items that have a visibility of 'Entire company';
  • And also items from any Libraries that have a visibility of 'Entire company'.


We hope that helps! Please do get in touch with any further questions.