How is content grouped within Learn Amp?

We have three key ways of grouping content that are flexible and familiar - Learnlists, Channels and Libraries. Each are collections of Items, Assessments, Surveys etc.


Learnlists are collections of items, assessments, surveys etc. Think of them like music playlists of learning content. You can label them whatever you want, add an image and description as well as quickly and easily adding content.

Tiles: Learnlists have their own tiles. Just like items, these show key details and can be 'liked'. You can use the '3 pips' to edit, delete, add to channels etc.


Structured Learnlist: Structured Learnlists are typically used when content has an order to it. For example when describing a subject area people may need an introduction to the area before going onto more advanced principles therefore it makes sense to go from item 1 to 2 to 3 and so on. The design facilitates this with a left hand panel allowing you to navigate at all times and 'Next item' arrows



Locked Learnlists: Similar to structured Learnlists, locked Learnlists have a set order and this order is enforced. This means that you must complete the previous item(s) to progress to the next item. This is great for something like compliance where you need to know that each piece of content has been fully completed.



Unstructured Learnlist: Best for 'collections' of learning such as 'best business books' or 'top tips' where learning is more 'ad-hoc'. As there is no structure, there is no left hand panel and no navigation between the next and previous items, you simply click back to the top level instead.




We are familiar with the layout of various streaming sites, whether video, music or other streaming services. Typically the content is served up in 'Channels' - easy to navigate and very visual carousels of content.

We use a similar method, combining items, Learnlists, quizzes, surveys etc. in each channel. Similarly to Learnlists, you can label these whatever you wish.


Organisation dashboard

The organisation dashboard the central space for your learners made up primarily of channels. Each persons dashboard is personalised to them based on the content they have been assigned. At the top is a Personal Development Pathway, made up of time-based actions such as Tasks, Events and 1-to-1s.

The organisation can also add in selected channels such as Learn Amps 'Recommendations' channel, which surfaces the very best content depending on preferences selected by the user. Other channels include a 'Shares' channel, a 'Liked' channel and any other content your company chooses to add.