How do I use the Objectives page?

Read how to make the most of the Objectives page.

The Objectives page is the ideal tool for managing your company's OKRs. 

This article will explain how you can use this page.   

To learn more about creating OKRs, please read the following article:

My Objectives

On 'My Objectives', you can see all of the objectives you own and the objectives you contribute to.


Objectives you own: These are objectives that you yourself are in charge of.

Objectives you contribute to: You are not in charge of these objectives, but you contribute to the overall goal.

Filtering objectives:

You can filter down your objectives using different criteria.


Filtering by past/current/future:


Filtering by various different criteria:

- Select 'Filters' to narrow down your objectives.


Here is an example of searching by 'objective': 


Viewing an objective in more detail:

To view an objective in more detail (including seeing all the Key Results which form a part of it), select the objective you want to view.


You will see a page which breaks down that objective into more detail. 


Two different ways to view an objective:

1. Log view 

Log view is the default way to view objectives.


2. Chart view

Chart view offers a more dynamic way to view objectives and their breakdown.


Individual objectives

Individual objectives are specific objectives that are set to you.



Team objectives

Team objectives are objectives that have been set for a specific team. For example:

- Finance Team: Create financial strategy for the next 3 years

- HR Team: Increase benefits satisfaction 

Sales Team: Start selling in two new countries 


In the 'Team Objectives' page you can see the different objectives that have been set for the different teams you are a part of.


To view objectives for different teams, simply select the team you want to see:


Company objectives

Company objectives are objectives on the largest scale. 

For example:

- 'Become the world's best social media platform'

- 'Become the no.1 clothes retailer in the UK'

- 'Publish over 5000 books in 2020'