How do I use the Libraries feature?

Find out about how to manage different content libraries.

We have introduced an all new libraries feature! 

This allows you to see all of the libraries you have access to and to manage them. You can effectively curate your centralised library for your learners. 

What will the Libraries feature help me to do? 

Libraries will make it easier for you to:

  • Manage the different content libraries within your system.
  • Manage content visibility.
  • Organise different content into categories. 
  • Choose which content you would like to appear in your main platform. 

Where do I find the Libraries feature?

Go to Manage Libraries:



Here, you'll be able to see the different content libraries that you have access to:


For example, if you click into the Learn Amp library, you'll be able to see all of the content in there:

Please note: 

While we're currently building out these libraries we're still continuing to build the Categories and Learnlists, but Items and Libraries are currently ready to go out of the box. 

How can I gain access to new libraries? 

At Learn Amp, we partner with wonderful content partners such as MicroLearn and Anders Pink. 

We also of course provide our own Learn Amp Library.

If you're interested in purchasing new content libraries for your platform, then please get in touch with us at so that we can assist you.


What features are there in Libraries?

Batch actions 

Having content in separate Libraries now allows you to carry out batch actions, like changing visibility of many items in one go.


Tile vs List view

You can view the content either in Tile or List view.

We recommend List View for when you are managing the content, so that you can easily carry out batch actions:


We recommend the Tile View when you are browsing content: 




The ability to add Categories is new.

Adding categories will make it easier for you to organise your content into relevant groups.

Viewing highest rated content

You'll be able to sort through the library according to average rating, to see which content is doing well and which content might need to be removed.


What next?

We're really excited about this new development, but we're already looking at the road ahead. This is our first step in the journey towards allowing businesses to purchase content libraries instantly within the platform. 

For now, we hope you enjoy the:

  • Greater control over how you manage your libraries;
  • Easier visibility of libraries;
  • Greater content management across your libraries.

And look out for more updates in the future!