How do I use the Company Dashboard?

Learn how to use the Dashboard feature.

The dashboard feature allows you to get a fast and informative overview of how your learners are using Learn Amp. 


Who can see the company dashboard?

The company dashboard is visible to admins only.

Where do I find the dashboard?

Step 1: Click 'Activity' on the top navigation bar.

Step 2: Select 'Dashboard'.


What are the different types of dashboard?

What are the different features of the dashboard?


Date filtering: 

- You can filter all of the information on the dashboard by date.



Active users within date range:

- You can see which users have been active between the date range that you have selected.

- You can also filter through them by Items Completed, Items Started, etc. (See image below)



- You can quickly see information about users in relation to their tasks.


- You can filter by Overdue, Upcoming, and Newest.



By Item/Learnlist

- This feature allows you to easily see stats about Items and Learnlists.


Highest Rated Content

- Every time a user views or completes any item, they are given the option to rate it out of five stars.

- Here you can see the content which has received the highest rating.

- You can filter it between 'All' and 'Only Company Ratings'.

All: This will take into account ratings from all users of Learn Amp, e.g. on an item that is publicly available in the Learn Amp library.

Only Company Ratings: This will take into account only the ratings made by your company's employees.



Types of content (free vs paid)

- This gives you a quick insight into whether your learners are choosing free content or paid content, and also gives the price bracket of any paid content they are looking at.


Most popular devices

- This shows you what devices your team prefers to use when accessing Learn Amp.