How do I use the Chrome app to quickly add content from the web?

Find out how to use the Chrome plug-in to quickly add content into the library.

Adding your favourite content into Learn Amp is now quicker and easier than ever, using our Chrome plug-in

After downloading the Chrome extension you'll be able to add articles straight from the web into the Learn Amp library.


How do I install the Chrome plug-in?

Step 1: Go to the Chrome web store and find the Learn Amp plug-in

You can do that by clicking here

Step 2: Select 'Add to Chrome' 


How do I add content using the Chrome plug-in? 

Step 1: Find an article that you'd like to upload to Learn Amp and press the Chrome Extension:


Step 2: Fill out your learning space domain and login:



Step 3:  Allow permissions :


Step 4: Select 'Add to Learn Amp'


Step 5: The item has now been successfully added! You can choose to view the item in Learn Amp:


If you choose to 'Go to item in Learn Amp', you'll be directed straight to the item:

This item will automatically be hidden by default, and its settings can be changed when editing the item.


You're all done!

You've successfully managed to add an item using the Chrome plug-in.

We hope you enjoyed this feature and that it enabled you add your favourite content easily and quickly!