How do I use the quick-search and filters?

Our quick-search functionality allows you to find whatever you need quickly and easily. Here's what you can search

Quick search:

Use the magnifying glass in the navigation to search for...

  • Content: Search for any Items, Learnlists or Channels assigned to you, or in the Learn Amp library
  • Quizzes: Find quizzes by typing their name and the top results will show up
  • People and teams: Type in the name of a person or team to quickly find them

You'll be able to find this anywhere on the site by looking at the top left-hand corner:

Search and filters in the Library:

For the best way to search through content, head to the Library page:


In the library you can use the large search bar to look for keywords. You can narrow your search by hitting the large + icon to the right of the search bar to use the following filters....

  • Library: Show all content or limit it to only content from your own library, or the Learn Amp library
  • Price: We have a range of courses, activities etc. that are paid for, so you can filter by price bracket or only show free items
  • Content type: Filter by content type for example activity, book, course event etc.
  • Average rating: Find only our highest rated content or keep it open
  • Supplier: Either scroll through our suppliers or search for one that you are looking for.


'Liked' filter

To learn more about our 'Liked' filter, please read our article on this topic: