What are Teams and how do I use them?

Teams are collections of people within your organisation.

What are Teams?

Teams are a way to collect people together in Learn Amp.

Each person within Learn Amp is put into a Primary Team and is how they get assigned a Manager.

Teams are a way of assigning content and other functions within the product such as tasks, surveys and 1-to-1s .

Everyone sits within a Primary Team but they can also sit within multiple other Teams depending on your organisational structure and the content you wish them to view.

A Team can be a stand alone collection of people, or can sit within a Group. Click here to learn about Groups.

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How can they be used?

Teams have lots of different use cases whether you are a company, a community, training provider or other organisation. Here are some examples:

Role based: Within a business, content will typically be assigned by role. For example, you might have the Field Sales Team.

Level based: There may be specific types of content based on the level of people within your organisation. For example Interns, Senior, Executive, Management, Director etc.

Project based: Teams can be temporary, for example for a specific 3 month project. This will bring a group of people together and then assign content to them based on the project.

Other: Teams are completely flexible and can be utilised in a number of different ways to help you deliver the content you need directly to the people who need to see it.

How do I create a team?

Click here to follow the steps to create a team