How do I send reminders for those going through a course?

Learn a couple of different ways to blast message your learners.

A question that we sometimes get asked is how to set up reminders/notification emails for those who are going through a certain course as a morale booster, or reminders to keep them accountable.

For example, your team might be going through a Channel and you'd like to be able to send them notifications to keep them motivated.

At the moment, it is not possible to automate email reminders in this way, but we have a couple of work-around suggestions: 


Option 1: Tasks:

  • If you set the Channel (or anything else) as a Task, they'll automatically get reminders at intervals before it's due, and when it's overdue.
  • To see more details about this feature, and an exact description of the notifications that are sent out, please read this article


Option 2: Notification send-out:

  • You can send a notification message to selected people. (This will have to be done manually, can't be set automatically.)
  • To do this, go to either the Individuals page or the Task Log and select the people you want to message using Batch actions.
  • Then, you can enter your message and then 'blast notify'.
  • Please see the images below for a guide... 



We hope this helps! Please do get in touch if you have any further queries and we'll be happy to help.