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What can we change to make the platform appear in line with our company's branding?

We let you control your colours, banners, tile images and more

We want the Learn Amp profile to feel like it is yours. This is why we have given you control over the following:

  • Colours: You can select brand colours for the navigation including the text and the highlight-on-click. You can also choose the highlight colour of the sub-nav underline and the Learnlist tile colour. Find this by clicking your profile image > company settings
  • Navigation logo: Swap out the Learn Amp logo in navigation bar for your own. When picking a logo consider the colour that you have selected for the navigation bar for example lighter colours will work better on dark backgrounds and vice versa. Pick a transparent image that is 669 x 162. Find this by clicking your profile image > company settings
  • Banner images: Pick images for each of the pages. The best way to do this is to keep a consistent look and feel e.g. getting your designers to add your colour scheme to images. You can also decide the text colour on top of these images so that it doesn't clash. Find this by clicking your profile image > banners.
  • Tile images: For each item, event etc. you can add your own tile images. This can work with any relevant image but if you can get your designers to create bespoke visuals then you can add your own branding to these too. This is in the settings of each item.
  • Flexible titling: We allow you to add your own titles for most things in the site. For example you can call teams whatever you want, allowing them to reflect your internal hierarchy and culture.
  • Logo: Add your logo to the company page. Find this by clicking your profile image > company settings