How do I set a 'Review date' for items?

Learn how to set reminders for checking on Items.

How does setting a Review date work?

When creating or editing an Item, if you're an Admin or Curator, you can now set Review dates.

You'll be able to tick a checkbox saying to Add review date, and select the specified date.

When that date rolls around, the selected users are sent an email reminder to remind them to review the content and check that it's up-to-date. 



What are some example use cases?

You can use this for any piece of content you like.

But some example use cases might be:

  • Best books of 2020: You may want to review these at a later point in the year.
  • Compliance or GDPR news: This can change often, and so you may want to set a review date to check that the information in your item is still correct.
  • Any item which contains information which could become obsolete: That way you can keep your Library fresh with up-to-date, relevant content.