Info about HR integrations

Inviting users into the system through HR integrations.

This article will explain about our HR integrations, through which you can invite users into the system.


What are our HR integrations?

  • We have several HR integrations: People HR, Bamboo HR and HiBob.
  • The settings can vary, but what we normally allow is for the user to be invited and for their data to stay in sync (e.g. their name, email address, and teams they're part of will be carried over).


Before adding users from an HR system to Learn Amp, make sure that all the team/group information is correct on the HR system:

Please make sure that:

  • On the HR system, the team and/or group hierarchy has already been set up.
  • That teams have their correct managers, and that all individuals are in their correct teams, etc.
  • This is to make sure that the data from the HR system maps correctly into the Learn Amp system. 


Issues to be aware of:


Mismatching email addresses on the Learn Amp and HR system:

If a user already exists within the Learn Amp system but you're syncing the data so that it is up to date with the HR system, if their email is not the same then it will create a new user with the new email address.


Re-inviting a deactivated user:

- If you have deactivated a user and then re-invite them, nothing will happen because they are deactivated. 

- You must reactivate them again first, and then tell them to login. 


Re-inviting a deleted user:

- If you have deleted a user previously and then invite them again, it will re-invite them.