How do I create a new group?

Learn how to create a new group.

This article will explain how to create a new group.

There are two different ways.

Creating a new group from anywhere in the website

Step 1: Click the + button in the top navigation bar > Under People, select 'Group'


Step 2: Create the new group


What are sub-groups?

Sub-groups are other groups that you want to add to this new group.

- As you can see in the image below, you will be able to easily search for different groups to add to this group.

Please note that you can only add a certain number of sub-groups to a group.

Adding teams to a group

You can also add Teams (either one or multiple) to be part of a group.


Advice on naming a Group

- Group names can be difficult to read quickly if they are very long.

- If your team name has multiple different elements to it, we advise putting the most distinguishing feature first.


- Your company has two different offices, London and New York. Both offices use the Learn Amp system.

- That means that there is a Marketing group in London, and a separate one in New York. 

- You might want to make clear in each group name which office the group belongs to.

- We recommend setting the titles as follows: Marketing (London Office), Sales (London Office), etc. instead of LONDON OFFICE, Marketing  and LONDON OFFICE, Sales

- This is so that it is quicker and easier to see what group someone is part of when skimming down the list.


If you want information on creating a team, then please read the following article: