How do I create a Channel?

A Channel is a learning pathway that helps you collect and present content to your team.

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The fastest way to add a Channel is by clicking on the + icon in the navigation bar and selecting Channel.

Unlike items and Learnlists, Channels cannot be searched for in the Library and will only appear in the homepage depending on how you assign them which we will come to.

You will be taken to a form to decide how you want that Channel to be presented and how you wish your Learners to navigate it.

Having given it a title, there will be a series of prompts similar to those asked when you create a Learnlist. If you choose to have it Locked, each Item in that Channel will be locked until the Learner has completed the previous one. This is particularly useful for structured or mandatory training.

The visibility will determine who can see the Channel.

If it is hidden, only Admins will be able to see it. This is useful whilst you are still building your Channel but may wish to see it in context of the rest of the platform without others being able to view it.

Visible only when assigned. You may select certain Teams, Groups or Individuals that the Channel is Visible to.

Everyone in the organisation will make it available to all your people on their homepage.


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When adding new content to a Channel you may wish it to go at the front or the back depending on what it is. A company news update might be better at the front where as a piece of training in order could be better at the back, depending on what you use the Channel for. In either scenario, you are able to re-order freely later down the line - simply go to the Content Tab, Manage Channels and click on the three pips of the Channel you wish to re-order. This will give you the option to re-order and then drag the items into position.

You can select if you would like anyone to be notified when the Channel is completed or not.

Finally, if you would like someone to have Permission over that Channel who is not an Owner, Admin, or Curator you can add them here. Please note, if you wish them to be able to edit individual items within that Channel that they will need additional Permissions on each item.

Click add channel and begin adding your content!