How do I build a custom page?

Learn how to build a custom page in the platform.

The Learn Amp platform facilitates many different item types, such as web link, elearning, file upload, video, and more.

We also enable you to build a custom page (previously known as Custom Item)


What is a custom page? 

A custom page build is free from the restraints of the other item types, and instead you can insert your own material into this page and 'build' it as you wish.


How do I build a custom page? 

  • Step 1: Select the + icon in the top navigation bar
  • Step 2: > Go to Item 
  • Step 3: > Go to Page Builder 


You can then start to build the page as you wish: 


You can also choose between the Simple vs Advanced editor

For more information on this, please view our article about this editor here


Examples of what you can create using the Advanced editor:

  • Insert images and media (including videos)
  • Tables
  • More advanced text formatting
  • Source code - you can use HTML to edit the copy


What are some example use cases for a custom page?  

You can use the custom page builder for a variety of use cases, but some examples might be: 

  • A company announcement - using custom text format and images 
  • A way to upload multiple images as one item 
  • Checklists 


We hope this helped! Please get in touch if you have any further queries and we'll be happy to help.