How do I batch upload multiple users who have symbols in their names?

Learn how to batch upload multiple users who have symbols in their names.

Uploading CSV files with special symbols in them can sometimes be tricky to do in any system.

Here is our step-by-step guide to doing a batch upload of multiple users who have symbols in their names.

Step 1: Download the CSV template and fill in 

  • Download the CSV template on the Batch upload page 
  • Fill this in with all the correct information


Step 2: 

  • Open up a blank Excel document
  • Select Data > Get external data > Import text file 
  • Select your original file that you saved above


Step 3:

  • Change file origin from Macintosh to UTF 8 


Step 4: 

  • Uncheck Tab and instead check Comma


Step 5:

  • Keep data format as general


Step 6:

  • Select Finish


Step 7:

  • Bring the data into the current sheet


Step 8:

  • File > Save as 
  • Format: CSV UTF-8



Step 9: 

  • Check that your Text symbol as remained by going to Open with > Text edit 
  • You will be able to check if the special symbols have remained


Step 10:

  • Now go back into the Learn Amp platform to the Bulk import page and select your file
  • Next, go to Review Data 




Step 11: 

  • On this page, double check any information 



Step 12: 

  • Then go to Settings
  • Choose the appropriate settings for you 
  • Select import 


Step 13:

  • You can then go through the Individuals Page to make sure that special symbols have been retained.


We hope this helps! Please get in touch with any further questions.