How do I add Discussions and Q&A to Channels?

Learn how to add the Discussions and/or Q&A tool to Channels.

Our Discussions and Q&A tool were previously available only on items, but you can now add them to Channels too.


What are the Discussions and Q&A tool?


The Discussions feature facilitates discussion around content and displays at bottom of items, Learnlists, and Channels. 

Learners can dive straight into adding discussion points:

People can then respond to the discussion points:

Screenshot 2020-05-01 at 07.52.42


For more detailed information about Discussions, please read our article here


The Q&A feature facilitates discussion and the asking of questions to experts at the bottom of items, Learnlists, and Channels. 

Learners can ask questions that are then answered either by other learners, or by experts on the topic.

If you've enabled the Q&A feature for your item, then it'll appear at the bottom of the page:


Post a question:

You can post a question or discussion point about this item.

Allow others to respond:

Depending on the settings you've selected for the Q&A tool (see below), you can allow other learners to respond to public questions - or just leave this to the experts. 

For more detailed information about Q&A, please read our article here.


How do I enable these for Channels? 

Step 1: Add a Channel OR Edit a pre-existing Channel


Step 2: Enable Discussion and/or Q&A

How will they display? 

The Discussions and Q&A tool will appear at the bottom of all Items or Learnlists in the Channel, as so:



We hope this helped! If you have any further questions, then please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll be happy to assist.