How can learners self-add content?

Find out how your learners can self-add content into the system.

Exciting news! Learners can now add their own content via their profile and push it to curators.

Learners will be able to push content through content to curators for the whole organisation, which they'll then be able to approve or reject. 

Please note: By default we have kept this off, as we know some businesses prefer to control this process.

This article will cover:

i) How learners self-add content

ii) How curators approve or reject submitted content 

How do learners self-add content? 

Step 1: Look for the + icon in the top navigation bar 

Here you will be able to add an item or an action


You can also add this via an alternative route...:


Step 1: Go to your profile 


Step 2: Go to the Content tab, and from here you can add the content


Step 3: You can now add an item

Here you'll see the different templates you can use for adding a file or web-link.


Step 4: Add your item (we've added a web-link, for example)

Step 5: After adding your item details, decide whether to push it to the curators or not

At the end of the page where you'll add your item details, you can choose whether to submit to curators

  • The content will be pushed to a pending pot where curators can approve or reject the content.
  • The curator can also choose whether to give you credit by displaying 'added by' on the item. 

Notifying specific curators

If you choose to submit to curators, you'll be able to select to notify specific curators. E.g. If you know that one of the curators is an expert related to the topic of your item, you could notify them. 

What happens next? 

The item will be saved on your profile and visible only to you (see bel0w):

If you've chosen to submit to curators, it'll be pushed to their pending pot. 


I'm a curator - how can I approve content submitted by learners?

If you're a curator, follow these steps to approve or reject content sent in by learners.


Curators will receive a notification letting them know that they've been sent an item for approval.

Step 1: Go to Manage Items


Step 2: Select Pending Items


Step 3: Approve or reject content 

Here, you'll be able to approve or reject content.


You'll also be able to see who the content is added by - e.g. whether it's by a content partner or a learner.


Displaying 'Added by' 

As a curator you can decide whether or not you'd like show who this item was submitted by to give them kudos.

To to this, simply go to the item and select 'edit'


You'll then come across the Display added by? section:

Do not display added by: the item will not say who it was added by.

Display added by: the article will say which learner submitted the content (see image below).


Make this setting the default for all future items? You can select this (and change it) at any time to avoid having to decide each time.

We hope you enjoy! 

We hope you and your learners enjoy the ability to self-add content, and that it adds to the richness and variety of the content in your platform.