How can I use the Q&A tool?

Learn about the optional Q&A tool.

If you want to include discussion on items and allow your learners to ask experts questions about certain content, then this feature is a great way to do that. 

In this article we'll explain the Q&A tool and how to use it.


Please note that this feature is optional and can be toggled off and on according to your preferences.

What is the Q&A feature?

The Q&A feature facilitates discussion and the asking of questions to experts at the bottom of items, Learnlists, and Channels. 

Learners can ask questions that are then answered either by other learners, or by experts on the topic.

If you've enabled the Q&A feature for your item, then it'll appear at the bottom of the page:


Post a question:

You can post a question or discussion point about this item.

Allow others to respond:

Depending on the settings you've selected for the Q&A tool (see below), you can allow other learners to respond to public questions - or just leave this to the experts. 


How can I enable (or remove) the Q&A feature for an item? How can I select settings?

To enable to disable the Q&A feature on an item, Learnlist or Channel, all you need to do is edit the item, Learnlist or Channel. 

When creating an item, Learnlist or Channel you can also choose to enable to disable the Q&A feature.


Step 1: Find the item and edit 


Step 2: Find the Q&A section on the editing page and toggle on or off

Step 3: By selecting enable Q&A, you can create the settings you'd like


You can:

  • Search for and select experts who'll be ale to answer the questions. 
  • Allow Managers to answer people in their teams.
  • Allow Coaches to answer people they coach. 
  • Allow anyone to reply to public questions. 

Allow public questions:  Public questions are visible to everyone.

Allow private questions: Private questions are visible only to experts

To disable the Q&A feature:

The Q&A feature is optional, and you can disable the Q&A feature at any time. 

Simply uncheck the box:


We hope you enjoy!

We hope the Q&A tool encourages discussion around items and makes it even easier for learners to gain expertise on topics.