How can I see the status of a users invite?

If you have invited a batch of users on, it can be helpful to see who has accepted an invite and who hasn't (and what you can do to help)

  • Click 'People' > 'Individuals' in the navigation
  • Filter by status: Invite pending, Confirmed or Deactivated. The below example is filtered by 'Invite pending' and shows 1 result including the dat that the invite was sent. For ideas on how to help Barry confirm his invite read below..

Tips to help your users confirm their invite

Resend the invite: They may simply not have noticed the invite or accidentally deleted it. In which case resending the invite may prompt them:


Set a password for them: By setting a password for them and informing them of the password they will be able to access their account (make sure they change it when they log in for security reasons!). This effectively confirms their invite.

  • Click 'Set password'
  • Set a secure password
  • Inform them of their password, making sure to tell them to reset their password to another secure password

Double check their email address (and change if necessary): The invite may have bounced if it is incorrect. This can be easily done particularly with batch invites where an error is hard to spot.

  • Find the person by either searching or going to people logs
  • Click 'Edit' on the 'User Info'

  • Review the email and make any changes

  • Resend the invite to the new email or set a password for them as outlined above

Contact us: If all of the above options fail, it may be that the email has bounced for some other reason. This can happen due to a strong firewall, a time-out or similar but by contacting us we can investigate and come back to you. Email