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How can I see a log of all activity?

Learn Amp has an activity log (similar to an LRS), which is a live tracker of all actions done on the site for example when something is started, or completed

Select the level of activity: You can set whether you want to see your own activity, or that of your team, group or the whole company and over which period of time. Selecting Team or Group you will need to select which one you want to see activity for.


Action label: The action label makes it easy to see at a snapshot what the activity type is. For example 'Completed' is a green label making it easy to spot when scanning


Activity description: This is a 'plain language' description of the activity telling you who did what. In the case of quizzes it will tell you if they passed or not, and what % score they got. You can easily click off to the individual or the quiz/item/learnlist etc.


Date: This shows you when the action was carried out. This column is sortable so that you can see either the most or least recent activity.


Filter by...: You have full control to narrow down the dataset by filtering by types, completion, titles, tags etc.


Save report: Once you have applied filters, you can save the results as an ongoing report. For example if you want to get updates on activity about a certain item you can save a report. See more details on how to use reports here


Export to CSV: This lets you export the full dataset to a CSV, so that you can then use the data elsewhere, for example if you want to create your own charts and graphs for a report