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How can I report on task completion?

We have a dedicated log for tasks that allows you to quickly and easily see completion. Read below to see the different ways to report

Sections by Company / Group / Team / Your tasks: You can quickly and easily see all tasks across the company or narrow down by Group, Team or just see your own tasks


Overview / Task flow: At the top of the task page, we have a flow which shows at the top of the task page and shows how many tasks have been assigned, are incomplete and are completed as well as a 'Conversion percentage'. This dynamically changes per section / filters and if you click on a section it will filter the logs below, e.g. 'Incomplete' will show all incomplete tasks


Filter the task log: You can filter the task log to show exactly what you need. For example if you want to see only recurring tasks or only those that are set by a particular person you you can filter the logs below. You can also build this logic, for example showing overdue tasks assigned to a particular person.


Export to CSV: If you want to take the task data out of Learn Amp, for example to create graphs for your monthly report, you can do so. This includes the task title, who it's assigned to, date of the task etc. and is affected by the filters to help you narrow down your data.


Task log status: The status label helps you quickly and easily identify which tasks are completed (tick) which are overdue (! icon) and which are still in play (no icon).


Task log description and deadline: The description explains the task in plain English and allows you to click off to either the person or the item. The deadline shows when the task is due, and goes red if it is overdue to easily signal the highest priorities.