How can I get the URL of a piece of content to automatically reflect title changes?

Learn how to automatically change the URL of content.

Whenever you create a piece of content, whether that's an Item or a Learnlist, this content will have its own URL slug. 

This URL slug will be based on the Title of the content.



But, say you later wanted to change the title of this item to "5 Best ways to find your Target Market", the URL slug would stay the same.

To get the URL to update to your chosen title, please read the instructions below. 


This is how you can automatically get the URL to update, to reflect any changes made to the title: 


Step 1: Find the item and press 'Edit'



Step 2: Select the checkbox under the Title 

  • Checking this box, and saving the form, will update the SLUG according to the current title 
  • If the slug is not available, the system will append a unique token to the Slug, but the first part will match the title given.


Please note, however, that we do not direct the OLD item URL to the new one if it changes.


We hope you enjoyed reading! Please do get in touch with with any questions.