How can I deactivate a user?

When someone leaves your business or is no longer a member of your community (or any other reason) you may want to deactivate them. Follow these steps...

What does deactivating a user do?

When you deactivate a user you prevent them from logging in and accessing their account. You can still see their activity etc. If you wish to permanently remove a user, then follow the steps to delete them here

How can I use deactivation?

You can use deactivation as a way to manage staff on long term sick leave or parental leave (and then reactivate them again later).

Please note that deactivating a user means that all of their data is saved and will be accessible again once they are reactivated.

What's the difference between deactivating a user and deleting a user?

Deactivating a user: All of the user's data will be saved and they can be reactivated (at which point the data will be accessible again).

Deleting a user: All of the user's data will be deleted completely, and you won't be able to reactivate them or access their data again.

How do I deactivate a user?

  • Click 'People' > 'Individuals'
  • To find the person that you want to deactivate: Click Filter by > Name > Type the name you're searching for and the names below should filter dynamically
  • Click the 3 dots on the far right of that persons row, and select 'Deactivate user'
  • You will be prompted to confirm that you want to deactivate this user, assuming this is correct, click 'yes'
  • Filter by 'Deactivated' to see that the user you deactivated has now had their status changed.
  • If at any point you want to 'Re-activate' the user, you can do so. Please double check their teams etc. to make sure they are set up as you wish