How can I check the invite status of users?

Learn how you can check on a user's invite status.

- This article will explain how to learn an user's invite status into the system 

- i.e. Whether they have been invited and their invite is pending, whether they have been confirmed, or whether they have been deactivated.


How can I get an overview of the invite status of individuals?

Step 1: In the top navigation bar, select People > Individuals


Step 2: You will then be able to see everyone's status


Different status types


What do all the different statuses mean?


Not yet invited: A user's details have been added to the system but they have not been invited into the system yet.

Invite scheduled: A user's details have been added to the system and a time has been selected for when the invites should be sent out.

Invite pending: The invite has been sent to the person, but the person has not yet accepted.

Confirmed: The person has successfully joined the system.

Deactivated: The user has been deactivated.


Notes about deactivated users:

- Deactivating a user will remove some of their temporary data, such as: event enrolment and upcoming tasks that they have been set.

- However, any permanent data (e.g. tasks completed) will remain if they are reactivated.


Searching by status type

- Using the filters at the top (highlighted by the pink box) you can easily search for individuals by their status.

- This allows you to easily check to see who has been confirmed, or who hasn't accepted their invite request yet, etc.