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Filters and reporting on the Task Log

Find out how to best use the Task Log.

As of July 2020, we have introduced And/Or Filters into the Task Log. These were already present in the Content and People Logs, and now you can carry out more in-depth reporting on Tasks too.

How do I filter on the Task Log? 

Step 1: Go to Tasks under the top navigation bar


Step 2: Select 'Filters' 


Step 3: You will now be able to see the full set of filters


Please note that you can also use these toggles to refine your search further. 


Please also note that you can use And / Or filters here, to achieve an even more specific search:


How do I create reports on the Task log? 

Step 1: Apply your chosen filters


Step 2: Select Save report 


Step 3: Title your report and save it 


You will then be able to view this report at any time, by selecting Load a report: 


Step 4: Export to CSV

Please note that you can also export the contents of the Task Log to CSV, by clicking the Actions button.


We hope this helps! 

If you have any further questions, please do get in touch at support@learnamp.com