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Can we change the URL?

Learn Amp offers subdomains to allow for company / community branding

We often get asked how companies and communities what branding we offer. One of the key areas asked about is the URL. We offer a fully branded subdomain of your choice. This is often your company name e.g. cocacola.learnamp.com or some use it for a specific program e.g. leadershipcampaign.learnamp.com.

We don't set up unique, non Learn Amp URLs for you, however, if you want to redirect a domain to Learn Amp, we can help you do so.

Why subdomains?

  • It allows companies to brand the site and is the first recognisable name in the URL
  • They help us to deliver a consistent, reliable experience (without doubling up work to ship to multiple domains)
  • It is a standard across the SAAS industry making it familiar
  • It can be changed quickly and easily