Creating a poll

Read this article to learn how to create a poll.

Within Learn Amp, it is easy to create a poll for users to fill out.

This article will explain how. 

Step 1: Create a Survey

Click the + symbol > Assessment > Survey


Step 2: For the question type, select 'Poll'


Step 3: Add the poll options

Poll column headings and poll row labels correspond as follows:

Creating the poll:

How the poll will appear to the user:


Step 4: Select weights

- Adding weights to poll answers is a useful tool if you want to assign a numerical value to the poll answers. This can be helpful when analysing the data. 

- It can also help to add a positive or negative feeling towards the responses.

For further information about adding weights to polls, please read the following article:

How the poll will appear:

What could this feature be used for?

- Creating a poll is useful for gathering people's opinions. 

- E.g. A poll to evaluate employee happiness, or a poll to evaluate where the team day out should be.