Creating a checklist from the survey function

Learn how to create a checklist to be filled out.

If you want to create a checklist to be filled out by users, you can use the survey function to create one.

This article will explain how.

Step 1: Via assessment, create a new survey


Step 2: Deselect 'Display the Question number'


Step 3: For 'Question type', select 'Multiple choice'


Step 4: Fill in all the 'Choices' boxes as the content that you wish to appear on the checklist


End result:

- The 'survey' will then take on the appearance of a checklist, which users can fill out.


When can this feature be used? Why might you want to use this feature?

  • Creating a checklist can be useful anytime that you want to make sure someone has done something.
  • An example might be an onboarding checklist (see example below) to make sure a new hire has filled out some necessary steps.
  • Another example is a compliance checklist (see second example below). This helps to ensure good practice within a company.


Example 1: Onboarding


Example 2: 6 monthly compliance checklist