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Checking your Task Log

This article will explain how a learner can check their task log.

This article will explain the different features of the Task Log.


What is the Task log? 

The Task log is designed to help you keep track of assigned Tasks in the system. It's the best way to get an overview of several things:

  • What tasks have been assigned: You can see all the Tasks that have been assigned within the platform.
  • Who has been assigned what:  You can see what Tasks have been assigned to whom.
  • Task status: You can filter Tasks by their status, e.g. Completed/Overdue/Incomplete, to help you figure our who has or hasn't completed their work yet.


You can also use filters to help you drill down your search, if you're looking for more information about a particular task.

You can view different tabs (e.g. TeamGroupCompany) if you wish to look up tasks assigned to a particular group of people.




- The dashboard will give you an immediate insight into tasks that you are yet to do.


- Use filters to narrow down list of tasks so that you can find the specific task you are searching for.


Searching by deadline:

- You can filter by deadline to find the specific task that you are looking for.