Can I create courses in Learn Amp?

'Learnlists' are our name for courses and can accept many different types of content

Learn Amp was modelled on consumer products for their UX and UI. One great example of this is 'Learnlists' which allow you to create a 'course' quickly and easily by pulling content together.

Here's how a Learnlist works:

  • Add a Learnlist from anywhere: You can add a Learnlist from anywhere in the site by hitting the + icon in the nav bar.
  • Describe the Learnlist: In the Learnlist you can add a title, description and bullet points on 'what you will learn' to clearly describe the 'course'. Add an image to make it clear and appealing on first glance.
  • Set the structure of the Learnlist: You can make a Learnlist, open, structured or locked. Open Learnlists are best for things like book collections where there is no set order. Structured Learnlists are best when a clear order is recommended. Finally locked Learnlists ensure that the user has completed the previous item in the Learnlist before moving onto the next one.
  • Set the visibility of a Learnlist: Decide who gets to see the Learnlist, whether it is hidden to continue editing it, only visible when assigned or whether everyone in your company/community can see it. You can set if you want this to be pushed live and/or whether you want it to expire on a specific date
  • Decide who should be notified (if anyone): When a learner completes the item, you may choose whether to be notified or not and who this should go to e.g. the manager, or selected people.
  • Add content quickly and easily: Once the Learnlist is set up you can add content quickly and easily through our quick add tool. Alternatively if you find a piece of content anywhere, click the 3 dots and add it to a Learnlist immediately.