Adding Content to Learnlists

Add content to Learnlists - either by searching for content already in the library, or by adding completely new content.

When you are adding content to Learnlists, you can either add items which already exist in the library, or by adding completely new content. This article will explain both options.

Video guide:

Adding content to a learnlist Apr 20


Written guide:

How to add content to a Learnlist when you're already in the Learnlist 

If you're already on the Learnlist page and you'd like to add more content to it, then follow these steps:


On the lefthand side bar of the Learnlist, click on the three pips and select 'Add content'.


You will then be able to choose between searching already existing content, or adding new content:

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 13.42.22


How to add items straight into Learnlists 

First, go to the Manage Items page:


Select the Three pips of the item, and then select Add to Learnlist.


'Search content'

- If you select 'Search content', you will be able to look through all items that are publicly visible to all members of your company, as well as through the Learn Amp Library

- You can easily filter between Items, Quizzes, Events, and Surveys

- To add an item, simply click the '+ Add' to the right side of the item

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 13.48.54


'Add new content'

- If you select 'Add new content' then you will be able to add completely new content

- You will be able to decide what type of content you want to upload

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 13.56.35