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Adding a new task (basic settings)

Learn how to add a new task.

Read this article to learn how to add a new task to complete for individual users, groups, or teams as a whole.

This article will explain the basic features of adding a new task.

How to add a new task

Step 1: Select the + icon in the top bar.

Step 2: Select 'Add task'


Assigning the task to people

- You will see that you can assign the task to Individuals, Teams, Groups, Companies, and Advanced Groupings.



- You can assign the task to just one individual, or multiple (as in the example below).


- You can select different teams, e.g. Marketing, Finance, etc.


- You can select to assign a task to a group of people, who are not necessarily a team. E.g. In the example below 'New employees'.


- By selecting 'Company', the task will be set for every individual in the entire company.



- By selecting 'Advanced', you can search for 'Advanced groupings' to assign a task to.


Assigning the activity to be completed

- When you are assigning a task, you will see that you can select any type of activity to be completed.

- This includes: item, learnlist, quiz, survey, channel, or event. 

Adding a message

- You can also add a message which will go alongside the task. (See example bel0w).

- The message will then be included in the email that the learner receives, and also will show at the top of the page of the item itself so that the learner can view it clearly. Please see the example below. 


Do you want to create a task with more advanced settings? Please read this article: https://support.learnamp.com/knowledge/creating-a-task-advanced-settings